Monday, January 26, 2009

24 stuffs.

Wowsers, it's been a while...sorry peoples - it seems I've been remiss in my "blogging responsibilities!" Sorry, I just needed to get all that punctuation out of my system. 8)

Succinct updates & thoughts:
  1. I helped a guy break into his car took me less than 2 minutes this time. Is that bad?
  2. The HandyGraham officially sucks at first dates.
  3. "Bangkok Dangerous" is the second worst movie I've ever seen.
  4. "Wild Wild West" starring Will Smith is the worst.
  5. I busted up an old commode today w/ a was awesome.
  6. I ran 11.23 miles on Sunday.
  7. I ran in Chattanooga w/ the "running club" this weekend.
  8. Josh's mom taught us a recipe to make an omelet in a baggie...awesome too.
  9. Family Wash makes GREAT shepherds pies...too bad they don't have Yuengling on tap.
  10. Today I was in Michaels arts & crafts store & heard a Spice Girls song.
  11. Sadly, I knew it was a Spice Girls song.
  12. I used to drive a beat up old red work van in high school & listened to Spice Girls really loud to annoy all the ghetto kid wannabes.
  13. No, I was not buying knitting supplies at Michaels.
  14. I was talking to my friend Christina about an amazing Marvin Gaye song last night called "Got to Give it up."
  15. I heard that song @ Home Depot this afternoon, and it made me smile.
  16. Sometimes I want to just disappear and move to another country w/out telling anybody.
  17. I started reading "The Glass Castle" today, and I'm already afraid to read the end.
  18. I miss my dog.
  19. Hip Hop music feels like the rain sometimes.
  20. It can also feel like electricity.
  21. For the first time in years, I actually needed some "alone time" this weekend.
  22. I'm thankful for my buddy Paul Zimmerman-Clayton.
  23. I'm making a roast in the oven right now...I think I might have screwed it up.
  24. Nope - it turned out ok.