Saturday, February 7, 2009


Mattress research

Well, let me start off by saying this isn't as scandalous as it sounds. I'm actually in the market for a new mattress. Here's the situation:

My junior year of college, my mom and I got me a queen-sized mattress. I was stoked because it was the first time in years I had a bed that actually fit me properly - I outgrew twin-size beds in about 9th grade. Well, it wasn't a very nice mattress to begin with, and after about eight years, it's much worse. I feel like it's time for me to get a big boy bed now...apparently, it's not normal to wake up an roll around 15 times a night.

Like with most big purchases, beginning the research process is a bit daunting. I keep having visions of those infomercials I used to see as a kid w/ the old people on the contorting bed-sets (& people think my Fu Manchu is creepy), or a glass of wine not spilling as somebody drops a bowling ball on the mattress next to it. I know it's hard to believe, but neither of those are huge enticements for me to purchase one of those particular mattresses.

The good thing about this situation is that I can't really lose by getting another mattress. The one I sleep on now reminds me of a big piece of stale, burnt toast wrapped in multiple layers of cardboard. It actually feels like you're sleeping in a bowl, or a hard hammock. I certainly doubt any new mattress could be worse. If by some crazy stroke of Providence, I end up married in the next few years, I'm sure the (lucky?) lady will already have a better bed than myself. I could just keep whatever I end up getting for a guest room - a.k.a. sleepy time-out for disobedient husbands.

So, here are the questions that seem most relevant to me:
  1. Memory foam or "spring-loaded?"
  2. Cushion or pillow-top mattresses - worth it or not?
  3. Are there any beds that are actually proven to be more healthy for your body?
  4. What sort of budget am I looking at for a decent (middle-of-the-road) bed?
Does anybody have any suggestions?

It would be fun to get a huge group of people together and go mattress-shopping. Partially because I wouldn't feel so silly testing mattresses out in a public store with other friends doing the same, but more so because knowing my friends, this would turn into some big ridiculous fiasco that would definitely end up being video-blog material. Oh man...gears are turning now...


  1. im leaning towards upgrading to a new memory foam mattress. costco has the knock off brand for about $700 i think. that wasnt so hard a decision for me. whenever i visit my best friends in texas, i sleep on the memory foam mattress they have in their guest room - and its FANTASTIC. its finding a good pillow that ive had the most trouble with. i have seven different pillows on my bed now - and none of them really do the job well.

  2. I'm one of Miss AP's followers, so please forgive my lurking.
    Check the memory foam/microfiber mix mattress toppers at costco and Overstock is amazing for bedding! I got a 4" topper for about $160 and totally salvaged an old-ish mattress which saved me a lot of money. Not to brag, but my friends even point out how awesome and comfy my bed is!
    While you're at it, you'll have to invest in the memory foam pillows. You will be disappointed in any other pillow you attempt to sleep on. But make sure the pillow has a pillow in it too; or you can buy just the memory foam insert to put on top of your existing pillow.