Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Cut Glass Bottles (a video how to)

My friend Gail (I call her HandyGail) has a wonderful blog called "My {re}Purposed Life." Some of you may also know HandyGail as my friend Jamie's mom (the HandyGraham shop is in Jamie's garage).

The last thing I'll say about Gail is that if you don't go see her blog, it's your loss...aside from that, her blog speaks for itself far better than I ever could. Gail did mention something about cutting glass bottles the other day. It just so happens I know a thing or two about that, so I decided to make my first "How to" videos on cutting glass bottles. There are 3 videos below. Enjoy!

Glass Bottle Cutting 101 - (the contraption)

Glass Bottle Cutting 102 - The Tile Saw

Glass Bottle Cutting 103 - Edge Clean-up


  1. handyGail here! thanks handyGraham! for showing me all these neat tips! you are the best at making jigs for sure!
    You REALLY made me nervous with the tile saw! Oh my gosh! If I had been there, I would have said NO way!

  2. handyGraham--
    Like the name that's cool- I saw that Gail had you linked to her blog and hopped on over to get a glimpse of your bottle cutting skills.
    Bravo! I'm impressed. I've never done this before and like Gail that tile saw made me nervous. I found myself squinting at the screen-- you know just in case it flew from your hand and hit my monitor or something... I could duck and cover!

    Very good pointers-- and great 1st time blog video--
    keep up the handyGraham how tos

  3. Hi , please help me , i will like to cut some of my blue label bottles but they are square , any sugestions ?


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