Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twin Kegs: The Diamond in the Rough

Many of you know that I've begun (and am now merely a part of it) a group called South Nashville Progressive. The idea of this group is to call all the 20, 30, and not-so-grown-up 40-somethings out of the woodwork to show that we are actually here in South Nashville. Though we're still in the early stages of this group, we've all committed (more or less) to one ideal thus far - AIM WITHIN THE SOUTH NASHVILLE COMMUNITY MAP

That means we try to:
  • shop within "the map"
  • hang out within "the map"
  • hang out with other people who live within "the map"
  • go out to eat within "the map"
  • bring people from outside "the map" to do these things within "the map"
You get the point. We're not nazis about it...South Nashville is still "Progressing" as it were, and we just don't have certain resources that other Nashville communities have...sometimes you have to get "off the map." We're just trying to take pride in our community.

Last night, we had our second official meeting, and in the interest of keeping to the "code," after the meeting we decided go to a bar/restaurant called "The Internationally Famous Twin Kegs." It's totally a divey little place at first glance, but I think I've found my new favorite hang-out. Awesome stuff about the IFTK:
  • Burgers - voted Best Burger in Nashville in the 2008 Tennessean Readers' Poll. I tried the "Big Bad Burger," a beautiful 3/4 lbs. burger...and I'm a bit of a burger connoisseur, if I do say so myself.
  • They've got a shuffleboard table. What a great bar game.
  • They've also got a pool table.
  • They've got karaoke 3 nights a week, trivia on Wednesdays, Poker night. I had NO IDEA!
  • They've got a pretty decent bottled beer selection, including Yuengling & Blue Moon...oddly enough, nothing on tap, despite the name: "Twin Kegs" 8)
I LOVE that place, and I'm pretty sure I'll be back again this week. If anybody'd like to join in, just let me know.

Twin Kegs....freakin' awesome...


  1. Just a little FYI about "The Keg" (IFTK). The keg beer has arrived. Come and check it out. As of today there is "House Beer", PBR, Miller Light and Amber Bock on tap. Oh, and some major inside changes. A Must See.

    413 West Thompson Lane