Monday, December 15, 2008

The Adventure Begins...

Good Peoples of the world,

My name is Graham Stoner, and you have just stumbled upon the Adventures of HandyGraham!

That's right - the adventure begins here.

In May of 2007, I left my comfy (though not really fulfilling) job at a record company to look life in the eye and say, "whatta you got fo me, sucka?!?" Life responded in kind to be sure. After all kinds of fun "finding myself" activities, I eventually ended up starting my own handyman company.

You may be thinking, "wow Graham...WAY exciting," as you roll your eyes, and I wouldn't blame you. However, handygraham has taken me into all kinds of places I'd never have found otherwise: Climbing on rooftops, hanging out of trees by climbing harnesses & makeshift safety rope systems, finding black widows where I was right about to put my hand, running my thumb over w/ a belt sander, fire...oh, the fire stories, winning Nashville's #1 handyman award in the 2008 "Nashville Scene Readers' Poll," learning new home improvement tricks, duct tape & drywall screws, etc. etc. I also have some amazing clientele who I will talk about on here as long as they're cool w/ it.

So, I'm going to begin chronicling this, if for no other reason that I can look back and be thankful for what has transpired in my life. Another reason is this...if I find myself running out of fun things to blog about, it's my reminder to take things to the next level.

Buckle in - Here we go...

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    Way to go, friend. You're a blogger. :)