Monday, December 29, 2008

not so productive Monday....or was it?

I was a little frustrated this morning. I went to my morning appointment, and after an assessment, decided to reschedule on account of still not feeling so great. On Sunday night, I was so excited not to feel like total garbage, that I went to get some tacos, rice & beans...perhaps slightly overzealous on my part.

By 10 this morning, I was already in danger of wasting my day...something I don't like to do. I decided to go home and try to get some sleep in hopes it would make me feel better - and it did.

Mom and Dad are still in town for Christmas and are coming up to spend time with me tomorrow...Dad's actually going to assist young Handygraham with installing a dishwasher, and perhaps a garbage disposal as well, depending on time and the Handygraham's wallet. That being said, some things needed to be done in preparation.

It was of dire importance that I fix my record player so we could listen to some killer vinyl while we delve into the wonderful word of sub-sink plumbing. After taking it apart and almost breaking it to find where that "blasted hum" was coming from, I managed to figure out that it was actually coming from a loose connection on the cartridge (needle). Well, at least I had fun taking it apart...putting it back together is still lame though. I can't tell you how excited I am to listen to Crosby, Stills & Nash, Steely Dan, and Yes on vinyl again.

I'll be needing to run electricity to both the dishwasher & the garbage disposal. I daresay I was slightly jealous of the astoundingly immaculate organization I found in the electric box at my morning appointment - It was so beautifully-ordered, it was almost poetic. Mine is a bit more intimidating and perhaps slightly less orderly, as you'll see from the picture, and for the record, this is not my work.

In the interest of efficiency & long-term planning, I decided I'd trace out every circuit in the whole house. So, I turned on every light, radio, TV, etc. in the house and went for it. After about an hour or so of running up and down the stairs writing down what turned off at every breaker switch, I'm happy to say that I've got it allllll figured out.

I decided I'd better eat earlier tonight, so I headed off to Burger King - I know, but it just sounded sooo good. I met with my friend Jamie Wilson there who was very much responsible for me winning Nashville's #1 Handyman award. Jamie manages a website called

Now, I've been spending a lot of time in East Nashville lately, and East Nashville has a very well-defined, quirky and fun community - something I covet. "The South Nashville Community needs their own sort of definition," I've been telling myself. "Why doesn't somebody make that happen?" Well, I'm going to.
BTW - if you live south of the Zoo, you live South OF Nashville...not in South Nashville. Check out the map - it doesn't lie. Get your own name. 8)

Seeing as Jamie's already proven her metal in spades with regards to this area of expertise, she was the first to come to mind for recruitment...especially since she lives in the "South Nashville Community" as well. So, tonight we started a group called "South Nashville Progressive" and it's gonna be AWESOME!!! If you live or work in the map, come join us on facebook! Maybe I'll run for mayor next election, or something.

Hmmm...I guess the day wasn't a wash after all.

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