Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sick for Christmas...

A few blogs back I mentioned that I'd like to hear more of "the unadulterated thoughts of my heart." One of the best ways to hear/view these is to be in a place of helplessness...being sick is a REALLY good testing ground for this sort of analysis.

I don't get sick very often...never really have...I ususally attribute that to the fact that I'm constantly on the move. When I do get sick, however, I REALLY get sick...sort of like payback for not letting the little germies in earlier. Like any rational human being, I take getting sick as a personal attack on my health.

For contrast sake (and maybe just a little bit of bragging rights) let me offer this. Earlier this year, I broke my first bone that wasn't on my hand or foot...guess I was getting a bit too big for my breeches. I cracked/broke my rib playing flag football. The bragging rights come from staying in the game with my busted rib & catching the game-winning touchdown...c''d have mentioned it too. 8) You know what though, I don't regret any second of that or the next 2 months of recovery...I'd totally do it again. Why? No pain, no gain.

So what's the contrast?

During that football game, I went toe-to-toe with my limitations & lost. With being sick this week, no such fight took place. The cowardly germs snuck in like a thief in the night when none of us were paying attention. I didn't even get to roll the dice or anything. I can't tell you how angry that makes me...I mean c'mon out & fight me like men you little freaking pansies...AAAAAHHHH!!!!! Sorry.

I spent three hours of Christmas morning literally writhing on the floor in pain, which is sort of customary when I get bugs like this...I guess my body's really succeptible to these kinds of aches. I just can't seem to get comforatble, so I obviously can't sleep either. Honestly, I'd take the worst of my cracked rib over the least of that achey rubbish. I think that's what makes me so angry about these bugs being so cowardly.

My sister & nephew spent the night vomiting. I refused. If I'm going to ralph, I'm going to ralph on my own time...and I did. I waited till I was good and ready and showed that bug that it can't run my life. I locked the door to the bathroom so that my brief moment of weakness wouldn't inspire weakness for anybody else.

I think being sick made me a little more emotional than usual. I'm not a cryer. I don't actually remember the last time I cried. I teared-up (not cried, mind you) 3 times on Christmas though.
Time #1: During the Muppets Christmas Carol. Something about the classic Dickens tale really got me this time...particularly the part where Scrooge turns his life around and realizes the value of friends.
Time #2: During my 3 hours of writhing. I was so angry that I couldn't do anything about my situation - these would have been tears of frustration.
Time #3: When I'd finally gotten home, I had the pleasure of receiving an email about Copper. I was over-joyed to hear that he's doing REALLY well in his new home setting. That was great news to hear at the end of a rough day.

Well, that ought to make for some fun psycho-analysis, which I'm too worn out to do right now. Ideas anybody?!?


  1. Oh NO! Being sick is awful. Even worse on Christmas! What is it about that day that we seem to think that nothing bad can or will happen? The day is supposed to be sacred, void of anything but complete joy. I'm not sure why I think that, since it's not completely true. Although thinking about Christ being born and that he will come again, taking away all sickness and pain does bring great joy!
    Great posts though, and great thoughts. I hope you're feeling much better, and that the time with your family was a blessing even amidst awkward or frustrating moments. Rejoice! Christ has come to redeem the world!

  2. I'm glad you're back on solids again. Sick sucks.

    And don't worry... I'm told that it takes a real man to admit he cries during a Muppet movie.

    Though, it may have been a Muppet that told me that...